Quick & Dirty Homemade Silencers As a sideline to his revenge classics, George Hayduke, the Master of Malice, the revenge King, explores the shady. When you need to find The Hayduke Silencer Book [HAYDUKE SILENCER BK]. [ Paperback] By George Hayduke, what would you do first? Probably, you would. Register Free To Download Files | File Name: The Hayduke Silencer Book Hayduke Silencer Bk Paperback PDF. THE HAYDUKE SILENCER BOOK HAYDUKE.

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You will also need to make two mounting adapters on the inner tube with electrician’s tape, one in front of the Chore Boy wrap and one behind it.

The Hayduke Silencer Book (Complete).PDF

After all, they are servants of We, the People. A fugitive from justice? As you peruse the pages to come, think before you act, create, build, or possess.

When you have it aligned properly, tighten the hose clamp and remove the dowel rod. What I mean is this silencer design uses a series of baffled chambers made with washers and spacers the hayduke silencer book with a series of automotive frieze plugs that will help quiet the sound of gunshots. Use the tape to create the bushing on the barrel.

You probably have most, if not all, of them in your home now.

He’s also one hell of a good shot. C, Appendix,the posses- sion “in commerce or affecting commerce” of a firearm, including an unserviceable firearm which has a frame or receiver is unlawful the hayduke silencer book possessed by any person who; 1 has been convicted by a court of the United States or of a State the hayduke silencer book any political subdivision thereof of a felony, or 2 has been discharged from the Armed Silecner under dis- honorable conditions, or 3 has been adjudged by a court of the United Slates or of a State or any political subdivision thereof of being mentally incom- petent, or 4 having been a citizen of the United States, has renounced his citizenship, or 5 being an alien is illegally or unlawfully in the United States.

The Hayduke Silencer Book (Complete).PDF : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Use the clamp to hold it in place. Patrick Workman rated it it was amazing Nov 01, The detailed instructions will aid the serious student of silencer design greatly.

This is where the soft rubber or cellular sponge comes in. To make the generic model, you’ll need a steel or aluminum the hayduke silencer book about 10 inches long and as close as possible to the diameter of the frieze plugs you’re going to use as baffles.

This is the form you file in dupli- cate with the feds before you actually build a silencer. On behalf of the religious loonies, it’s probably a good thing that Musio is a lover and not a fighter.

I’m going to help you make silencers, right in your home, from simple, everyday materials. In addition, section of the The hayduke silencer book Firearms Act requires that an application to transfer a firearm be denied if the transfer, receipt or possession of the fireerm would place the transferee in violation of law. Be sure you remove it from the silencer and the bore before you fire the gun.

The Hayduke Silencer Book

For variation, you can pour a bit of water into the bottle before you put it on your firearm. It has to be true metal, so don’t buy plastic screening. Be sure you put at least three or four layers around the unit and back onto the barrel for a couple of inches. You’ll need enough plugs to fill about 60 silfncer of the tube.

It involves driving spikes, nails, or other hard foreign objects into trees that are marked Some Neat Things You Can Do With Silencers 13 to be murdered by the various land rapists who cut down too many to begin with. Thus, silencers work the hayduke silencer book on closed-system guns, like single- shot, the hayduke silencer book, or bolt-action guns.

There is an in-between world, though, which I modestly call the Land of Haydukery.

The Hayduke Silencer Book by George Hayduke

This is vital so that gas and thus noise doesn’t escape with the bullet. Carefully slide the silencer unit over the clean- ing rod and onto the gun, with the open end going back to the hayfuke bushing. The rubber in the balls acts as a gas seal as well. Finally, fit this assembly over the tennis ball and slide it back until the open end of the PVC pipe is even the hayduke silencer book the back end of the tape bushing.

BATF Form 4, page 4 of 4. When in doubt, however, do the opposite of what seems to be right. Called a “tubular baffle-vortex suppression concept by its designer, it is somewhat easier to build at home than many conventional silencer designs.

Silencer fans, that’s all you need to do to have your very own legally registered silencer. So as I say, make friends with someone in the upper echelon of your town or county police department.

Obviously, pounding large nails and spikes into trees makes noise, which will the hayduke silencer book the land rapist bully boys, a. What silencee get in this book is how to build a working silencer at your kitchen table in less than an evening’s time, using only common the hayduke silencer book tools and easily available, inexpensive materials.

You have already guessed what this book is about, haven’t you? You now have a professional-looking silencer that will work very wilencer. To keep your work simple, and to help you get a good, working silencer for your own gun easily and quickly, I’m going to share those five expert design tips for your own study and use. If you wish to make this joint more cosmetically natural, use a compression band, solder real or liquidthe hayduke silencer book some form of aluminum putty.

Another thing; don’t look for a lot of math and physics babble in this book. Install the silencer carefully, keeping that rod in as an alignment gauge.