Lower level elements must come from MIL-STDC where available. • Created by CWIPT prior to RFP. – Data quality increases when WBS defined up front. Derived from MIL-STDC. • Product-oriented WBS structure composed of hardware, software, services, data, and facilities elements. • Created by CWIPT at . mandatory. We are pleased to announce that the new WBS Standard (MIL-STD- C) has been finalized and, effective October 3, , is available for.

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This top-down structure provides a continuity of flow down for all tasks. Though WBS development is a systems engineering activity, it impacts costing, scheduling and budgeting professionals, as well as contracting officers. C Download File – 2. A Work Sfd Structure WBS provides a consistent and visible framework for defense materiel mil std 881c and contracts within a program.

This Standard addresses mil std 881c procedures for all 818c subject to DoD Instruction MIL-STDC is based on the cooperative efforts of the military services with assistance from industrial associations. Changes to the Standard specifically address advances in technology and modifications of the acquisition process, and incorporates new materiel items, developmental concepts, and approaches.

An integrated team representing these Stakeholders is needed to support WBS development. It also provides direction to industry in extending contract work breakdown structures. The WBS is a means of organizing system development activities based on system and product decompositions.

It is for direction and should be included as mil std 881c contract requirement.

This Standard offers uniformity in definition and consistency of approach mil std 881c developing all levels of the WBS. The WBS is prepared from both the physical and system architectures, and identifies all necessary products and services needed for the system. A program WBS is established to provide the framework for program and technical planning, cost estimating, resource allocation, mil std 881c measurement, and status reporting.

Enough levels must be provided to properly define work packages for cost and schedule control purposes. The PM with the support of systems engineering develops the first three levels of the program WBS, and to provide contractors with guidance for lower-level WBS development.

In other words mil std 881c WBS is an organized method to breakdown a product into subproducts at lower levels of detail. Overall System Level 2: It relates the elements of work to be accomplished to each other and to the end product.


This military standard is applicable to all defense materiel items or major modifications a established as an integral program element of the Future Years Defense Program FYDPor b otherwise designated by the DoD Component or the Under Secretary of Defense Acquisition. Major Elements Mil std 881c Level 3: It is a product-oriented family tree composed of hardware, software, services, data, and facilities, which result from systems engineering efforts during the development and production of the system and its mil std 881c, kil which completely defines the program.

The WBS defines the total mil std 881c of hardware, software, services, data, and facilities, and relates these elements to each other and to the end product. Generating and applying uniform work breakdown structures improves communication in the acquisition process.