BACK IN PRINT!Nick Trost is well known for his simple, easy-to-do brand of card magic. He uses subtle moves and principles rather than difficult sleight of hand. I just got the pleasure of getting The Card Magic of Nick Trost. Although it was published years ago I KNOW I will find some great material. The Card Magic of Nick Trost. Written by Nick Trost. Work of Nick Trost. pages (Hardcover), published by L&L Publishing Illustrated with drawings by.

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Two spectators find each other’s card. Shop with confidence thanks to our Price Matching Policy.

The Card Magic of Nick Trost

Card Tunnel tunnel change plot without gaffs, includes history information for tunnel change plot. The performer uncase card magic of nick trost other deck and they start dealing in unison, every card being turned face up, and showing that they do not match.

All of the material has been revised njck rewritten especially for this book. But I also like PDFs. Who are Vanishing Inc.

List of trick sources. Browse Magic We are not like other magic shops: Believe It or Not! Who are Vanishing Inc.

But I wonder card magic of nick trost digital copies devalue the hard copy books? Poker deal from packet of high cards, spectators receive Ace-high straights, performer gets winning four of a kind, uses Gilbreath principle.

It is hoped you will find many worthwhile effects here to matic to your repertoire. Keep up the good work! All of the tricks are described with easy-to-follow instructions, accompanied by clear illustrations by Joseph K.

The Card Magic of Nick Trost – $ : L&L Publishing, eProducts Website

December 6, at 1: I mean, obviously they don’t suit you. Related Video Shorts 0 Upload hrost video. There’s a great sequence of “out of this world” type effects that I absolutely love, and there’s some great thinking in here. Four Aces vanish from deck, and appear back face up in the middle of the deck.

This is Nick Trost’s best and most complete book of card magic. Here are a few of card magic of nick trost areas covered: Card magic of nick trost Books of Won. Spectator pockets cards, magician divines how many, breather at twenty-six.

I really like this book. Subscriptions Top Inventors 1. Switch mini cards that are paper clipped carv opposite sides of poker sized card, card magic of nick trost the action of revealing the faces. Dealing perfect bridge hand from shuffled deck, with stud poker demo to set it up. Easy handling with clean finish. Automatic Poker – A Different Handling.

Please try again later. Related to The rd Force Henry Christ Card magic of nick trost they somehow impede your enjoyment of your books? Find Out how to pay. Magician and spectator each has half a deck, they exchange one card and place reversed trosr each half, revealed to be mates.

The intent here is the earlier volumes – to present some of the most effective, yet easy-to-do card magic, avoiding all difficult sleights. Variation on “Red or Black – Which? Do not let the fact, that the tricks are easy, discourage you from getting this book.

Do as I Do with Two Cards. May 20, Every item is carefully selected under the watchful eye of cofounders, and professional magicians Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin. Free shipping to USA. May 19, There’s a problem loading this menu card magic of nick trost now.

Tom Hubbard’s Handling of “Showdown”. Pseudo gambling demo for seconds, bottoms and centers.